Joseph R. Biden Jr. addressed the nation from Wilmington, Del. for the first time on Saturday night as the President-elect. Biden, delivering a message of unity, joined his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, in addressing the nation.

Max Keiser, the host of RT’s Keiser Report, says that China and Bitcoin investors are the biggest winners to surface from this controversial presidential battle. He tweeted on Sunday:

Keiser’s Historical Predictions

Keiser is a prominent figure in the crypto industry and pushing all his followers towards investing in Bitcoin since the value of the coin was just $1. He believes unlike Trump’s administration, Biden will approach a weak stance on China, pushing it towards the leader of global power. However, he will keep the momentum of injecting more and more fiat into the economy as a temporary solution to battle the impact of the COVID-19 on the economy.

His view towards Bitcoin price is that it will soar to a massive $400,000, at least 20 times higher than its ATH in December 2017. However, he does not seem to be setting a targeted date for this price action. His tweet about the presidential election result emphasized that Bitcoin’s price may rise above $28k by Inauguration Day.

As soon as Biden delivered his post-election speech, Keiser tweeted: β€œAs he gets closer to WH the panic-buying of BTC from smart-money will ratchet up exponentially. His plan is: – Immediately print $30 trillion or more – Throw the keys to Wall St who’ll do another 2008 and rob us blind.”

Even though Keiser’s price predictions may look unrealistic, we can see more and more investors are adopting Bitcoin as a safe heaven against dollar inflation. With MicroStrategy shifting its US dollar treasury into Bitcoins this year, a trend of corporate money investing in the asset has already started. The purchases from Corporates seem to be higher than the production from Bitcoin miners, which will in return put more pressure on the available supply.

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