The latest mural “Confessions of a Red Jester” done by Pascal Boyart has grabbed the attention of many crypto enthusiasts over the past weeks. He has started to receive hundreds of dollars worth of Bitcoin as donations appreciating his work. His painting said to be showing off about “Fiat and Money Printing.”

A Polish romanticist artist named Jan Matejko has painted the original painting in 1862. This painting has inspired Boyart’s mural connecting it to cryptocurrencies. The original artwork “Stańczyk” portrays a lonely jester against a lively ball in the background.

Bitcoin Donations

For the 10th of July, he has earned about 0.0514 bitcoin (BTC), close to $ 500 that is within 5 days. Boyart is famous for his realistic graffiti frescoes and he has earned close to 1.3 bitcoin since 2017. He also has created an official website for his work where he also accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. This is not the first time he got famous for bitcoin-related art.

This artwork shows fiat money littering on the floor around solemn jester’s feet. By this Boyart makes viewers think a step further about their angle on crypto. Pascal pronounced that decentralization created by bitcoin is a “good thing for creativity.” With this being said, he appreciates any donations towards the artist’s work.

Not the First Time

He once painted French painter and Impressionist Eugène Delacroix burning a $100 euro note. This painting also made much news at the time. The painting signals how centralized authorities exploit people’s savings. Devaluation of currencies steals people’s savings controlling their financial freedom. At the end of his work, he signs his artworks with the yellow bitcoin logo and his wallet address for donations.

French painter and Impressionist Eugène Delacroix burning a $100 euro note.

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