The US Department of Justice published the insights of a recent darknet marketplace seizure. The authorities have managed to apprehend so far 179 people that have connections with the marketplace. They have also seized close to US$ 6.5 million in cryptocurrency and cash. The inventory took into custody during the darknet bust also has 500 kgs of drugs and 63 firearms.

The information obtained from the takedown of Wall Street Market in May 2019 has helped the authorities to trace criminals. This operation called ‘DisrupTor’ dark-web crackdown managed to arrest 179 suspects with the help of international law enforcement.

The DOJ’s Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement team (JCODE) carried out the darknet bust with the support of Europol. Among the arrested, 123 North Americans and 58 in Europeans were there. The apprehended personnel had engaged in selling of drugs on a variety of darknet market places. The drugs were on sale on AlphaBay, DeepSea, and Empire. These sites were some of the darkest market places listed by the DOJ that have since shut down.
Data from blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis elaborates that nearly $4M worth of Bitcoin accounts for darknet markets during the past week alone. Approximately 512,892 BTC accounts for the amount that holds darknet services and among the users. This amount is a thousand times more than what authorities seized during the darknet bust.