Client details of more than one million patrons of Ledger wallet were publicly available on a hacker web page today. The hardware wallet manufacturer’s e-commerce database stealing dates back to June 2020.

The stolen data of the physical wallet manufacturer Ledger believes the data “indeed could be the contents of our e-commerce database from June 2020.”

The full leaked database has more than a million email addresses and close to 270,000 physical addresses and telephone numbers. Many sensitive data belonged to Ledger clients, including names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, were published, on Raidfourms.

Furthermore, as per the cybersecurity site, 69 percent of the addresses in the data dump have been already compromised.

Those clients have become targets of Bitcoin ransom demands as their details are freely available on public forums. One Ledger client tweeted today saying that he was demanded a ransom for $500 by an email threatening email.

The customer further says that he is not afraid and, they have already received a few emails from these hackers with various demands.

“If not, I’m not afraid to show up when you least expect it and see how my wrench works against your face, or maybe even wait for you to leave your home and take your belongings whilst you’re not there to call the police,” the anonymous email claimed.

“I now get 3-4 emails a day, and 5-6 text messages a day. GO TO HELL,” the client mentioned.

Many of those clients who own these expensive Ledger wallets have a considerable amount of Bitcoin or other cryptos with them. This makes them prime targets for hackers and ransom seekers. Hence for those who have seen the database can easily identify the clients who own wallets and even where they live.

Where will this breach take the Ledger clients? Will this be a common thing for all of those who lost their privacy? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.