Have you ever been to a Casino? What if there is a Casino operates with cryptocurrencies away from everyone’s reach. The new movie “Money Plane” will be featuring a heist from a bulletproof casino plane carrying $ 1 billion dollar worth of crypto.

The new casino action-packed film is starring Adam Copeland, Denise Richards, and Kelsey Grammer and will be premiered by end of this week.

The trailer revealed that the movie is entangled on a former gambler who is forced into stealing from this high tech casino in the sky. The casino is untouchable by any government entity or agency. It is believed to be carrying close to a billion dollar worth of crypto and millions of dollars worth of cash.

Screenshot from “Money Plane” trailer
Screenshot from “Money Plane” trailer

It is yet to reveal the types of coins this casino is carrying. However, screen capture from the movie shows that it is carrying at least $241 million worth of Bitcoin, $ 128 million worth of Ethereum, $ 70 million in Ripple, $ 13 million of Litecoin and not disclosed amount of Iota.

Crypto Community Feedback

The Crypto community believes that this kind of publicity will add more visibility to digital assets. However, it is questionable to view its dark side associated with casinos and criminals.

Some believe that this kind of movie is essential to show the world about cryptocurrencies and explain the new technologies behind them.