A digital painting of Paris Hilton’s cat sold in an auction for $17,000 with the help of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) The painting now hangs on the same digital wall where most digital masterpieces of like the artists of Roger Ver, Vlad Zamfir hang.

Paris Hilton & her masterpiece

The heiress of world-famous Hilton chain Paris Hilton auctioned a digital painting of her cat on recently introduced Ethereum based auction platform Cryptograph. The price named for painting at 40 ETH, worth approximately $17,000.

“Paris’ Cryptograph is a hand-drawn portrait of one of her cats named Munchkin,” Cryptograph elaborated. They also added, “This is Paris’ first-ever NFT and so the fact that it is a portrait of a Kitty is some would say rather appropriate given how NFTs and Crypto Kitties are so synonymous.”

Cryptograph – Made by Icons

The site Cryptograph provides a platform for famous personalities to auction their digital artworks. These artworks called cryptographs and auctioned in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Paris Hilton ‘s earnings from these auctions are mostly contributed towards charities.

At the start of the auction on the 12th of August, the number of bids recorded only 4 and offers ranged from 2 and 40 ETH. The pseudonymous user Adirolls won the auction on 15th August. The first cryptograph to be published and sold was by Vitalik Buterin the co-founder of Ethereum and it was sold for 77.35 ETH on the 11th of July.

The earnings from Paris Hilton ‘s auction will be spending on three charities. These charities helping hand for housing the vulnerable: Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and Backpack Bed for Homeless.

This is not Hilton’s first time for the world of blockchain. She also announced that she involved in the Singapore-based crypto project LydianCoin in 2017. However, the founder convicted of domestic violence and battery, the tweet was deleted by Hilton.