Cryptocurrencies are getting famous day by day. Due to this reason, many organizations and businesses adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies towards their day to day business operations. The world-famous adult video platform Pornhub now accepts Bitcoin under their payment options. Founded in 2007, the site has over 12 million videos by now with a daily visitor count close to 130 million.

Pornhub leads as one of the world’s leading adult content sites by the number of visits to the website. The platform allows users to upload and share adult content. According to the site insights the platform has over 76 million monthly active members and site visits recorded close to 42 billion times last year.

Pornhub – Global Ranking

According to the Simlarweb Pornhub ranks as the 9th globally and holds 8th position in the U.S. Pornhub’s direct competitor Xvideos ranks as the 7th globally and holds 12th in the U.S. The platform recorded 3 billion visits in July when compared to Xvideos which only had 2.95 billion visits.

The platform gives free access to its content to users and generates revenue through advertising, premium memberships. The site also provides promotions for producers which provides more revenue towards the bottom line. From a tweet by Pornhub Premium on Tuesday :

The site used Paypal payments to pay for their models. However, Paypal stopped payment support as Pornhub made certain payments without permission from them. (Reuters) –

PayPal Holdings Inc said on Thursday it had stopped payment support to PornHub’s models after it found the adult entertainment website made certain payments without the permission of the payment processor.

Customers can pay by credit cards or cryptocurrencies when signing up for Pornhub Premium Services. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Verge, Tron, and Pumapay as crypto payment options. The site started to accept cryptocurrencies first in 2018 with Verge and Tron. The Pumapay was then introduced in March which allowed users to pay for Premium Services through Pumapay token (PMA).