Room 77 – German Restaurant & retail venture to first accept Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies closing its doors for business. 

Close to a decade, the restaurant situated in Berlin became a landmark for the crypto society. The owners did not mention any specific reason for the closure. The venture has closed doors “for good,” as per a Reddit post by its famous owner, Jörg Platzer. 

“ROOM77 is closing for good. We think our mission is accomplished and it is time to go back to our home planet. Thanks for all the fish and the generous tips!” wrote Platzer.

Playing an important role in Bitcoin’s timeline, Room 77 located in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The venture first started accepting Bitcoin in 2011, and the joint then becomes like a landmark for the crypto community. 

Platzer once claimed that Room 77 changed the perception of what Bitcoin is. 

“Before we did that, all media coverage about Bitcoin was about hackers stealing credit card details and selling them on the black markets.” Before the start of the restaurant, Bitcoin was all about criminal activity and used for drugs, trafficking, black markets. 

“The media had realized that there is an actual bar and restaurant they could go to, and then there are people who actually look into the camera and explain why they are using Bitcoin and everybody could see they don’t seem to be big drug kingpins or something,” Platzer told World Crypto Network in 2018, adding that “I’d say in the year 2,000 no individual or organization created more positive media coverage than their stupid little bar in Kreuzberg.”

Although the reason for the closure of Room 77 was not elaborated it is highly likely that the coronavirus outbreak and the limitations enforced acted as a reason. 

The Feedback from the Crypto Sphere – Closure of Room 77 Restaurant

We noted nostalgia and respect from the Crypto sphere towards the news closure of Room 77.

“It is clear by now that nobody will stop Bitcoin anymore. Sound money on a global scale will soon make it unfeasable to wage wars and it will create economic equality amongst mankind. We estimate it will take you less than another century to rise and join the intergalactic community,” that was Platzer’s summary towards the Bitcoin.