BTCparser, a Telegram bot, picked up a 50 Satoshi -era Bitcoin move which, is worth US$527,120 as of today. The transferred coins are now with a hot wallet belong to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

Those 50 BTC mined back in 2010 when it was introduced and was only one-and-half years old. Coins were held by its owner ever since until they were moved to the exchange recently.

During 2010 due to Bitcoin’s low value and obscurity, it was easy to mine the coins. If this mysterious Bitcoin holder sold the entire lot of 50 coins, he would have made half a million-dollar profit.

These Bitcoins were mined during the time Satoshi Nakamoto is still active and participated in activities on the development of the Bitcoin. Hence these Bitcoins are also known as “Satoshi-era” coins. Nakamoto was last active on Bitcointalk on 13th December 2010.

Some even believe these coins were mined by Satoshi himself or at least by someone close to him.

Some say these coins are just old Bitcoins mined by someone and not Satoshi that is held until the right time.