Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitMax has carried out a survey asking its traders to vote for their favorite cryptocurrency. As per the Survey, 26 percent of traders prefer Bitcoins and 25 percent prefer XRP whiles only 9 percent prefer in ETH. 

The survey posted on Twitter on June 12 revealed that XRP is quite popular among Japanese just like the king of cryptocurrencies BTC. The total survey was taken by 1,498 people and only 9 percent preferred ETH.

“What is your favorite coin?
“What is your favorite coin?”BITMAX survey. Gold=BTC; Red=ETH; Pink=XRP; Blue=others

Since the sample size is quite small compared to the population of cryptocurrency users in the world, it is worth mentioning that this survey results may not necessarily represent the majority of Japanese cryptocurrency users.

During the first Quarter of 2020 to stay cash-flow positive Ripple had to liquidate many of its holdings. According to the Crypto analytics firm, Messari Ripple was the worst-performing large-cap token in 2019. The price of Ripple went up to $ 2.28 during the peak at the end of 2017. Though the value of XRP has fallen overall, the Japanese traders have changed their view on the XRP coins.