Vanguard Encrypto by Franck Muller – Geneve has released their latest bitcoin watch aka “the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch.” Watch’s dial has a laser-etched QR code that reaches a public wallet address where you can deposit Bitcoins and check the Bitcoin balance. The watch also comes with a sealed USB stick act as a private security key. 

This bitcoin watch released sometime last year yet it came back to the picture when the famous vlogger Supercar Blondie showed off a rose gold diamond version on one of her vlogs. This particular watch had over US$17 million worth Bitcoin in it.

World’s first functional Bitcoin Watch by Franck Muller

The Vanguard Encrypto Bitcoin Watch

The piece is a little flashy and big that is similar to any other branded watch that has rich looks. Mechanics of the watch is hidden in the rear side of the watch at 43mm across and 53 mm from lug to lug. Watch is relatively flat and larger on the side. 

Apart from the larger size and the giant Bitcoin logo in the middle, there is nothing subtle about this watch. Franck Muller has designed this watch with practicality for those who are into cryptocurrency with the aspect of showing off. The highlight of this watch is that it can also be a cold bitcoin wallet. With just a QR code scan you have instant access to it and check the realtime balance of the account. 

“The Vanguard Encrypto uses offline generated, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated) paper wallet style storage,” Franck Muller says. “As mentioned this method for storing bitcoin is quite popular among long term bitcoin holders and early adopters due to its massive security advantage and peace of mind. However, rather than relying on slips of papers, users can just scan their dial.”

Each watch model there will be 500 copies and according to social media, those are already selling super fast. The Encrypto is available for sale with titanium and carbon, stainless steel and rose gold. Prices are starting from US$ 10,000 upwards. Addons like alligator-leather strap or diamond and other precious stones are also available to the case and dial. 

The Vanguard Encrypto

The timepiece Supercar Blondie vlogged was a rose gold version with diamonds. The watch had a wallet filled with bitcoins worth US$ 17 million in it. You can watch the video at the end of this post. Renowned crypto investment brand Regal Assets have helped the development of the watch supporting the Franck Muller. 

Supercar Blondie’s Twitter Post